2 day gospel workshop with British lector Daniel Thomas and with final show

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I invite you to a gospel workshop lead by a British lector Daniel Thomas! As a participant on this workshop you will sing with the band at final show!

I am very glad that Daniel accepted my invitation again so that you can experience her amazing energy and learn gospel directly from a gospel singer, vocal coach, choir director and musician. Daniel grew up with the gospel music, it comes naturally to him and he can also inspire everyone around he. Daniel has sung with stars like Mariah Carey, Elton John, Sting, etc. and he has conducted choirs in EU and USA. This will be Daniel’s second visit here in Slovakia and you can be a part of it!

Gospel workshop with Daniel Thomas is for you if:

How will the workshop go:

About the lector of the workshop – Daniel Thomas (UK)

Daniel ThomasDaniel’s multi faceted, multi dimensional talent was nurtured in a strict Pentecostal environment, where he began singing and playing the piano since the age of 5 years.  As a young teenager, he was a well sought after keyboardist (noted for his distinct style of playing the Hammond Organ) and a rising star as a choral director, playing and directing for many choirs both local and district within the London and surrounding areas. In 1988, he called upon a fellow singing friends of his and formed his first community choir – The Daniel Thomas Fellowship Choir and for a period of three years created a buzz with his unique style and energy.

A greater platform was created for his talent(s) when he was taken under the wings of The London Community Gospel Choir under its founder, Rev. Bazil Meade, and very swiftly rose through the ranks of as Choir director for 5 years and subsequently, an associate choir director, often leading the choir in many events both in concerts, studio and corporate shows.

Daniel Thomas na koncerte v Teatre Wüstenrot 26.11.2017This grounding has afforded him a prominent place both with in House music and the Gospel music scene in the UK. As an artist in his own right, he has won audience the world over with his amazing vocals and big flamboyant personality – to crowds as much as 100,000 when he performed at Party In The Park under the name of Blockster (Number 3 single in the UK charts), appearing on the same bill as Westlife, Phats and Small, Brandon Block and Armond Van Helden.  He has toured extensively throughout Europe and as far as Japan, South Africa, India and USA. His vocal and choral arrangement skills has been in demand for some years now, frequently facilitating gospel choir workshops in the UK, Europe and USA – and is no stranger to the Christian Dior fashion shows in Paris (with Jeremy Healy) and even the Victoria Secrets fashion Show – where he conducted the Grammy award winning ‘Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir (2002)

As an accomplished keyboardist (piano and hammond organ), songwriter and vocal coach, he makes time coaching other big named artists as well as up and coming talent. He regularly holds vocal workshops and performance master classes, focussing on choral work, vocal technique and solo performances, instilling confidence in other artists, and as such, is always in demand.

Daniel ThomasIn 2010, he was the first British choral director to be invited as guest director for the Stockholm International Gospel Choir festival – teaching his own original material and conducting a 900 voice choir. In 2011, he was the sole vocal coach and one of the backing vocalists for Blue, who represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany (coming in at 11)

Over the years he has been committing his unique style into a series of vocal warm ups and exercises (of which he is currently recording – soon to be commercially released) In 2015, ‘a personal epiphany’ forced his hand into resurrecting all of his original gospel material, and has been actively recording his long awaited (and highly anticipated) offerings with the purpose of 1) recording a traditional gospel album 2) provide songs for other choirs.

Daniel ThomasFlamboyant, inspirational, motivational, maestro….are just some of the titles given to him over the years. His most noted quotes “….that note is not random, it’s specific!” and “….saving the world – one voice at a time!”

Time and place:

Change of time and place reserved. In the event of bad weather, the concert will not be held.


Daniel Thomas

Price: 99 € (price from 1st August) SOLD OUT! 
Drinking and light snacks are included in the two days of the workshop.

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